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Whitney Taylor, Business Development Manager, Drape Kings


"When you meet Holly, you truly know you're meeting someone special. Her demeanor exudes thoughtfulness, sincerity and calmness. Her extensive work history and experience in the event industry and beyond makes her a treasured resource.


I had the pleasure of working with Holly as she presented at our January 2015 NACE meeting on the topic of "How to Increase Efficiency by Slowing Down." Her presentation not only spoke to our membership on a professional level, but on a personal level, on how to bring balance and peace to one's everyday life. The unanimous thought from our membership was that we would've loved to have had a full day with Holly, vs. just an hour! Her advice and examples of how to have efficiency and happiness in life and work resonated brilliantly.


I can't stress enough what an invaluable asset Holly is; as a speaker, sales development leader, and event industry role model. She truly breathes thoughtfulness, and creative intuition into her work, which is contagious to those around her. "


Mary Biller, Sales Manager Private and Corporate Events, Chicago Botanic Gardens


“Holly spoke to our group of catering and event professionals at our monthly networking event that also includes an educational component.  It was the perfect way to kick off the year at our January meeting, as we reflected with Holly on how to increase our efficiency by slowing down our lives.  The concepts we discussed touched everyone in the room – from a person just starting out their career trying to navigate work/life balance for the first time, to a full time working mother trying to balance work/life and family needs.  Holly’s speaking style is comfortable, straightforward, and relatable.   Her messages are warm and inspiring.  Her condensed presentation definitely left everyone wishing we’d had a full day to spend with her!”


Polly Pancoe, President, Hotel Reservation Mgt., Inc.


"I enjoyed Holly’s presentation what’s your not enough today at the NACE meeting in Chicago.  One of her great reminders was to unsubscribe to websites daily.  It is one of my new years resolutions.  Also taking time to realize that I am so blessed to have much of everything good an “embarrassment of riches” in my life. Taking time to take stock!  Excellent presentation which would be good for all groups!" 



Rachel Fersten, Sales Development, Windy City Linen


"Holly was engaging and provided us with actual useful things to take away from her talk that we can implement immediately. She offered many resources to help us better ourselves and feel good about who we are and we are right at this moment. Holly was extremely interactive and kept everyone's interest. I enjoyed the time that I spent with Holly!"


Forrest Moody, Managing Director, Oliveaire Artisan Events & Meetings


“I had the great joy to attend one of Holly’s presentations titled “What is your Not Enough” and found it very compelling, educational and thought provoking. Our industry can get a bit overwhelming at times and Holly had great ideas on how to center yourself, take a few moments for yourself and be ‘mindful’ of your surroundings and how they can affect you and your clients.  I would highly recommend her presentations for any company or organization looking for something a bit different than the usual. “



 Scott Patrick, Scott Patrick Photography


“We all know it, our time is valuable and under many pressures and strains. Can you really get ahead by cramming more and more into those precious hours? No. How you can get ahead is by slowing down, becoming mindful of your time, and learning how to best use it. In the end, by slowing down, you will get more done. Holly Rodgers Jordan can show you how. She's taken her years of experience and studies from experts far and wide to show you how to be better you and use your time more wisely.”

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