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Conscious Selling™ Hiring Process

It is critical to hire salespeople (and sales managers) who align with your company values.This allows for happier employees and increased productivity.


It has been proven that the cost of hiring the wrong sales person is about three times the salary paid. Let us help you hire the right person the first time. 


We utilize via Sandy's Illuminate Sales Potential website, Objective Management Group's Sales Candidate Assessments which is the world's most effective tool on the market. Not only is it so reliable that you can eliminate 96% of the mistakes made in hiring sales personnel (Reps to VP), you also recieve ROI by not having your team screen every resume.


The candidates complete an online set of questions customized for your company and the results are calculated against OMG's science of selection.There are two choices below for either the candidate assessment self service subscription plan or a free sales candidate assessment. 


There is no need to wait! Register here for a Free Trial of Salesperson Candidate Assessments or the Candidate Assessment Self Service Subscription plan.


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