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We believe in selling with integrity, what we call Conscious Selling .


We are currently working on a research paper on Conscious Selling .  We have seen a gap in translating Conscious Capitalism into sales organizations and their respective sales processes and are looking for best practices.


Conscious Selling is selling in alignment with your company's purpose, mission and values with execution to those.  These sales efforts and activities are the lifeblood, the active energy, that illustrates to the market, to customers and to prospects what your company is about.  In Conscious Selling , the end to end sales administration and operations (methodology, sales process, proposals, goalsetting, metrics and compensation) need to be litmus tested against the purpose, mission and values. This insures that your message and the selling behavior is delivered in a holistic fashion.


If you are a conscious company interested in being part of our research please contact us.


What is Conscious Selling ?

  • Ask probing questions to determine the real needs and how your product or service can fulfil those needs
  • Authentically make your prospect feel that they are the most important and interesting person (or group) to you at this moment
  • Pay close attention to what they are saying and to their behavior so you "hear" all the needs
  • Provide the best solutions, custom to their situation
  • Keep your mind completely on the prospect.  That means not reading emails or looking at Facebook or wondering what you will do when you are finished

At the same time if it is clear the client is not in need of your product or service be upfront in telling them this.


We will help guide your company to increase sales and productivity and lower costs. We believe that integrity in the sales process is vital.  


Conscious Selling  

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