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Company Purpose Statement and Core Values

We help companies create their Purpose Statement and Core Values and implement them into your hiring and review process, and every day business life.  We incorporate the principles of Conscious Capitalism, which are proven to increase sales, create happy productive employees and be a vision for good in society. Goldman Sachs tracked these companies in 2013 and statistically they are 25% or more MORE profitable than others in their category.


A troubling statistic from the latest Gallup Poll is that 70% of employees are disengaged.  A successful company has ENGAGED employees and it is proven that when you have and LIVE by a Purpose Statement and CORE VALUES that are employee created and management driven, your team will be more productive, make better decisions, and you will have happier customers.

What are Core Values of an organization?

  • Values are what we hold which forms the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.
  • The "HOW" we conduct ourselves with clients, suppliers and each other
  • In an ever changing world, core values are constant
  • The practices we use (or should be using) every day to make every decision

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