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"Holly continues to amaze me with her creative marketing concepts and her warmth and enthusiasm for everything she works towards.  Working with Holly was inspiring and I always had admiration for her marketing skills, her ability to create great team motivation during the most difficult of times.  Holly always impressed me with her understanding of people and their motivation and spent most of her career 'catching people doing things right'.  Holly is a result-oriented leader that makes working with her and for her a pure joy." 

Judy George, Principal, Judy George International


"Holly is a total joy to work with.  She brings a contagious level of enthusiasm to every project.  What I most love about working with Holly is her ability to see possibilities for projects and for people that are right on target yet invisible to most others.  She inspires organizations and the people within them to achieve their greatness"  

Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP - Author "Great with Money"


"Sandy's eagerness to coach, lead and develop sales talent is what separates her from most in the industry.  Her innate ability and overall willingness to truly tap into a persons potential, while helping each individual maximize their selling, is a unique skill that is not easily found in todays workplace.  Sandy's brand of leadership establishes an encouraging, enabling and trusting environment where learning/development is paramount and failure is not an option.  She clearly models the way for others to follow."

Marty Geller, Sales Management Professional


"Holly brings professionalism, enthusiasm and attention to detail to every project she tackles.  She is an experienced manager and a creative problem solver who meets or exceeds her clients expectations: that's why they are devoted to her.  She is also a personally warm and charming person who is always upbeat and optimistic.  Holly is the kind of person that draws people in and makes them want to do business with her."  

Lilia Chacon, Director of Public Relations, City of Chicago Treasurer's Office


"Sandy Anderson was the Six Sigma Champion for several key Channel Partner projects that I drove to simplify and streamline the service contract renewal process.  The complexity of the projects was increased three-fold as efforts had to be coordinated around the IT departments of three different companies. Needless to say, many challenging opportunities often presented themselves. Sandy, in her role as Champion, was able to break a memorable log jam to progress and a key project was successfully brought to conclusion.  It returned $26M annual revenue to the 3 companies and reduced costs by over $17M over 3 years.  Sandy takes her role seriously and brings passion and humor and considerable drive to everything she does." 

Karen Hicks, CCP, CSCP, GRP, Director of Compensation, Communications Global Business Unit Oracle



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